Thursday, April 1, 2010

Acme Adonis: Thoughts


I know that I didn't hit my target market dead on. If I had maybe a couple more hours, or even another week I feel like I could have come to a more complete set of artifacts. For one thing, I didn't fulfill the requirement of creating an artifact that participates in a ritual/activity and social culture.


I am going to make some changes before the presentation of persuasive part 2. Some changes I'm thinking of are changing the basic color slightly to a nickel color. It has that aluminum look and feel, but I think it reflects the natural aspect a little more. (earth-like, tan- but the change is minimal) I also changed the size of my containers. I felt that they were all sort of random and had no relation to each other. I chose two containers (the matte clay and pomade) to be the same size. I don't see the point in the change of size from the beginning comps. Also, I would like to print on a clear surface or semi clear paper. I 'm going to see if it enhances the richness and overall look and feel of the product if the color from the container interacts with the label a little more.

I also have this random thought to illustrate all over a set of products. Now this is just a random thought, but where the product maybe not has a photography route, but a very illustrative route. Once again reflecting the individuality and personality the product allows the user to have. I think there's opportunity to reference maybe the Greek mythology and patterns/forms that are present within that time period. Just a thought.

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