Thursday, April 15, 2010

T4: Progress on Artifacts and logo

I began working on some pattern ideas too. These are still pretty basic forms playing off of the logo.

We are placing a poster on the back of our invitation, so just thinking about some patterns and these are still preliminary.

Slight hint to a 3 dimensional form

subtle change of the "u"

Below is an idea for a venue banner. To be able to have multiple messages on each side and these would ideally rotate.

Below is Micah's quick mock up of the program. If you look closely, you'll see that the die cut is our logo, but the idea is to have this not only be pocket size, but to have it also be layered of information. Each page would only have two options and the attendee would have to choose between those two options. For example, pg. 1 "Day One", you can either attend the keynote speaker of John Langdon or go to a round table discussion.

I began thinking about pop ups that we could place within some of the collateral. I saw an inspirational book that had multiple die cuts and one of them was a dual message pop up, so I tried doing it with two letters just to see if I could do it.

1 comment:

  1. some very nice ideas here.

    the patterns are quite cool but i'll need to see them in action before making any judgements. it's largely about how you'll use them.

    the triangular info thingie is a nice idea, but doesn't seem too functional. people will have to pick it up and turn it over to get the full message? how will they know they're supposed to do that?

    the booklet size and die cut is nice. smart idea to keep it small.

    i like the pop up idea as a poetic element. just make sure you give adequate time to the functional stuff so there is a strong mix of both elements in your work as a whole.

    keep working on that logotype!