Monday, April 26, 2010

Type 4: Conference Criticism


  1. At the beginning as an overall look, there was a lot of orange on the table when I know that there was more colors, but it was nice that you showed the different colors throughout and how the patterns would apply with the colors.

    The idea of the iphone app was very smart and clear, but maybe too much pattern in the schedule part of the app. awesome iterations. maybe up the pixels so it reads more clear.

    I know the attempt to the laptop sleeve wasn't what you expected, but a nice try. I feel that the digital form capitalizes the feel better.

    The name tags was very intriguing to have it come off with space to give what information you want away. Nice idea.

    With the mailer- it was nice to see a check off list so you could mail it in for more information, but the format still needs work and how it flips open and the large D is upside down otherwise good use of a leave behind artifact as a small poster. Also as a reminder the text on the poster side seemed to make the form flat.

    With making a new typeface, a way how I worked with mine is by having all the different iterations made for each letter side by side and use process of choosing which letter works best. Another way of determining which letter form is putting it in a long word that has both asenders and desenders so it gives you a variety. I also tried to picked forms that have different attributes from other forms, so they don't get mistaken. Just some helpful hints the I went through too.

    I would have like to see the typeface on the banner.

    overall I feel you guys could have pushed more on the duplicity- create it to make it bold as it was said. I felt like there could have been more depth.

  2. I think that the name tag/business cards were a great idea and a great way for attendees to interact with one another.

    I am also impressed with the amount of artifacts that were produced. I think the typeface was a great idea, especially based on your research from the last project and the basis of your conference.

    I would have like to see more of your experiments from the 1st project show in some of the artifacts. The both of you produced some really interesting things and it would have been nice to see you further develop and apply those finds.