Thursday, April 8, 2010

T4: Conference Artifacts

Micah and I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about these artifacts. What have we come up with? Well we've come up with a total of six functional, exciting artifacts that will each have a "wow" factor so to speak. Each one will reflect our theme in some form of technical execution. The artifacts are the following:

1. Name tag - People of course will be mingling with other designers/architects/students/etc, and in order to make connections a little easier we are going to create name tags.

2. Invitation - We are thinking our invitations will have some sort of poster on the back, something a designer might hang on their studio wall. If they can't make it to the conference, they at least will have something to support it/fill their wall with/look at. They are going to have a basic overview of the conference, basically a summed up version of our program

3. Program - Our program is going to probably take the form of what we showed during class last time. It's going to have several attributes that reflect the multiple messages within one form theme. Some of the things we are going to place within the program are the following: overview/theme brief, schedule, designer bios, speakers, bonus events like portfolio review/lunch/etc., sponsors, and even someone else's type conference (ad) to plant a seed. 2013.

4. Laptop case/sleeve - This is going to be a souvenir, something an event goer can take home that will really want to SHOW OFF to everyone else. A computer is something that pretty much every conference goer has, so we thought that would be a great route to go.

5. Survival Kit - This is going to be something that can also be very universal between conference goers. It's going to be very useful, and in general I think it's another cool little souvenir anyone can enjoy. It's going to have things such as: an xacto, a sharpie or two, a flash drive, maybe a bone folder or something else that's useful across fields.

6. Venue/Environment Banner - This is going to be pretty much just a basic poetic type artifact. Something that is once again noticed by everyone and helpful to everyone.


We've been thinking about the name of our conference and are starting to think there's a better name for it. Something that was mentioned during last class I believe was this sort of double, duplex, duplicity feel, and we have been really drawn to the idea of it being called Duplicity. We have asked around the studio a bit, and have gotten pretty good reaction to this idea. One even stated that "Beneath the Surface" sounded familiar like it has already been done. So, we're hoping this would be a great move for us.

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