Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Collection: Infographic Sketches

So, when I began this process, I wasn't quite sure which information I was going to "inform". I knew I was going to provide infographs for the three classifications we came up with the other day, but what about the others. Well, I end this first round of infographic sketches with these:

LEFT | physical characteristics - basically a grid structure to which each box will obviously be filled if it has that specific characteristic

RIGHT | sizes - these matchbooks come in wide variety of sizes. Out of the many I acquired, I want to show the various sizes of each

LEFT | History - This timeline would be displaying the different attempts and successions of reaching to the creation of matches. There were different chemists from different areas that made great progress in the creation of today's matches.

RIGHT | What is it made of? - I would like to display the, I guess, science behind matches of the the materials. One cannot just strike a match against anything...usually.

LEFT | Where is it from? - this world map would display the matchbooks and make connections to the places in which they derived from. (A resort in Bermuda maybe)

RIGHT | Venues - the many different venues that had matches (hotels, bars, airports, restaurants like Wendy's even)

LEFT | Strikers - strikers were housed on many different sides of a matchbook/box, and there will also be some information on how they are now required to be on the back of the matchbook for safety reasons

RIGHT | How many strikes are left? - I tried to I guess work with a diminishing or loss of color type of effect to show they were disappearing

How to light a match - I'm sure most know how to light a match, but I figured this could be a simple, effective type of infograph to show the quick use of matchbooks in case people forgot ha!

Desk crits went pretty well today, in my opinion. Some advice that was given was to create an infographic that is personal. So, maybe my favorite mini collection out of the whole collection, or maybe ones that I collected back in Colorado vs ones that I collected here in KC. I still have to think about it a little more, but something personal is needed!

Another infographic that I came up with that might be pretty interesting is it's different uses. Some examples of those uses I would show would be cigars, cigarettes, pipes, campfires and fireplaces.

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