Friday, April 16, 2010

INFO ARCH: Proposals

So I initially thought about this website and was thinking that I didn't want anything too distracting from the illustrations of the matchbooks, so this first style is a black and white simple and clean version. I'm still working on the illustrations of course.

The next idea I had in mind might not be the best, but I just thought about the context in which matchbooks might be placed and I thought of a coffee table sort of wood like background. I think if anything, this idea needs more supporting props to tell the story like an ash tray and a pipe or something.

This last idea is enhancing the hand-rendered illustrations and style with the type and the surrounding container. After some feedback from Mo, it's starting to look a little muddy, but this idea is a very playful and good route to be on. So I worked with it a little more and below are some of the other options. I really like the last comp with the white background and the surrounding container framing the site.

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