Monday, April 12, 2010

T4: Logo

So after much deliberation, we have decided to go the route of this last BLUE Duplicity look. We felt that the merge of this 3 dimensional D and the layering affect of the other letters reflected both of our projects the most. Some of these other iterations only reflected one aspect of our type experiments. Also within the use of this logo, it will be able to house other photos for say "speakers" maybe, etc. The logo will also be flexible with color. This will help differentiate between the events within the conference. As for fonts, we looked at a couple and are torn between Helvetica LT and Univers. We liked the flexibility of both typefaces and to contrast this, we really liked the look of Letter Gothic.

1 comment:

  1. lance, the new name is better for sure and the mark is pretty interesting. it's smart that you can use the shape to crop different things. i would think a little more about what is currently inside there, as it looks like just a bunch of flat layered type. why is that?

    further on that topic, will that multi-layered interior thing always be the same every time we see the logo?

    regarding the "duplicity" type, it's a bit on the 'stock' side in that there is little to no attitude in the letterforms and they follow the grid in a very basic way. check out the typfaces "lingua", "gridnik" and the website "" for inspiration, as well as peeking over jessica's shoulder. it's probably worth it to finesse that type a bit more, since it's one of your main identity elements.

    looking quite fancy overall though. nice work!