Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poetic: Concept Proposal

So my idea is based around creating your own shuttlecock. While thinking about this ever so poetic experience, I thought to myself well what would be something I would be interested in doing. The thought then occurred to me "Can you make your own shuttlecock?" I wasn't sure, so I looked it up on the internet and of course, there's an easy, cheap way to make a shuttlecock. The concept is to have a water bottle with a label that has not only the map, but a "how to" make your own shuttlecock instructional on the inside of the label. The user can then be hydrated on this hot day of walking to the Nelson and visiting the three shuttlecocks. When they reach their destination they can then transform their water bottle into a shuttlecock to play with "the rackets they brought."
quick mock up of the water bottle

small instructional example

I also had this idea of creating a map based upon the trees surrounding the path and I would make the trees pop ups. I would perforate the general shape of the illustrated trees and then make each one a pop up. They would all be connected to one specific board (that might fold) but would be able to see a large scale of the map which is guided by trees. Just another idea though.

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  1. AHHH! that top photo of the water bottle being a shuttlecock is so amazing. It made me laugh out loud. ha. thank you for that.