Monday, April 12, 2010


From the first initial critique, I wasn't completely satisfied with my artifacts, so I decided to revise them. The first piece I revised was my website. I took the advice to make the image a full bleed image, and now, the navigation resides at the bottom of the page. The five links are still the same five links; I didn't think they needed revising. Also, the color will be switching and cycling through the site, so that was another way I think to incorporate the other colors from the products.

As for the products themselves, I re-shot one of my photos and also reprinted them on transparency. I also revised the thought behind the size of my artifacts. I decided to change the size of my artifacts and make the matte clay and pomade the same size. I'm not sure why they were inconsistent in the first place, but I decided to change them back. I also decided to shorten the hairspray can. I again just wanted to make it consistent between the products and keep them all short and wide.

What I also seemed to miss last time was the ritual or activity or something that is beneficial to the user, so I decided to add a "how to" apply the product on the inside of the container. NO WASTED SPACE. I think it's a great way for when the user opens the product, he'll be able to see this instantaneous, very simple directions.

As for the magazine ad. I didn't revise the first one, I just wanted to create a second one. So, no changes there, just adding to my series.

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