Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adonis: Persuasive Part 2

So the project of Persuasive Part 2 was to develop persuasive elements to support your acme products. Those three elements which we given to us was a full page magazine ad (magazine appropriate to user), a web banner for, a landing home page with 5 links useful to both the product and the user.

For my full page ad, I decided to continue with the use of photography and paired it with the copy “Be the god you’ve always wanted to be.” hopefully, the use of this ad would drive men to check out the website and buy some Acme Adonis of course. I wanted to relate and reference the ad back to the Greek God Adonis. I picture this ad would be placed in magazines for men such as Esquire, Details and GQ.

The CNN banner ad is very similar in it’s use of photography and the copy “Be the God you’ve always wanted to be.”Because the banner is placed directly beside other image heavy headlines, I think mine fights for attention and doesn’t get lost within the page. I also tried to stay consistent within the product line as far as color palette, so on the first ad I used the yellow orange color and on this ad I chose to use the green, and on the website I chose to use the blue.

Within the website, I again used the photography to obtain most of the space. the five links will be able to inform the user on who and what makes up an Adonis, the benefits of using natural hair care products, the products themselves, a new personalized section, and a latest styles section. The personalized section would allow users to purchase products with their own image on the front, choose their color and everything, and of course it will cost a little extra.
The latest styles section would be for those beginners or guys who need some help, tips tricks and show & tell can happen within there.

The critique went pretty well in my opinion. It was suggested to either add a little more of the other colors or just white to my website. It seemed a little muddy in areas and just too much blue. I really like that suggestion and will revise it before I turn it in on Monday. Also during critique, there was a little debate on my use of the word "god". Some say good, some say bad, some say everyone will have a problem with something either way. I don't think I'm going to take the word out because I was intending to referent the Greek God, but I might revise the look of it. Someone during class said it's not a specific type of god if it is lower case, but if I use any capitol, it might reflect the wrong kind. That's the feedback that was given and I'm going to take all things into consideration.

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