Friday, April 2, 2010


Alright, so when I originally began sorting these, I cam up with basic classifications, ones that only specifically dealt toward they physical characteristics of the matches. Those classifications are the following: color, whether or not it had matches or if they were used, what color the existing matches were, text-both outside and inside of the matchbook, size, whether or not it had a close warning blurb, and whether or not it contained an image.

During our group sorting, some things were cleared up and hashed out. According to Wurman's LATCH Model of Information I've come up with sorting based upon the following: LOCATION (ex: Bermuda and Ohio), VENUE (ex: Hotel, Restaurant), PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (ex: color-I think this is where some of my initial sorting will come in handy)

An Overview



Blue & B/W

Green & Misc.

Divided by color

Venue - interesting, the left side is restaurants - primarily red!
the middle is hotel/resorts/inn
far right is airport/airlines

The location pile

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