Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Below is my final kinetic type animation.
I would have to say that I am fairly pleased with the final product. There are attributes I like about it, and of course things I wish I would have done or explored more of. After reviewing my video, some actions I feel are successful are the following:
-with the first action of falling (lowering), it gives the viewer a slight view of what's coming, but the word is not completely visible; therefore, the word stays ambiguous...and then after that, it finally reveals the whole word.
-the two different forms of shake (wiggle & vibrate?). One gets scared, then they all get a little jumpy, and then as the ball gets closer, they get really fidgety until BAM!

Some things I'm not so pleased with:
-the style of crash I did. I think they more so "fly" rather than crash. My original idea was to have them skew into space both towards the camera and away from the camera; however, as shown below...the skewed view wasn't as successful in execution like in illustrator/indesign. To me it really just looked like a bad slanted letterform.

-(This somewhat deals with my thumbnailing, but also my subject matter of bowling) But I wish I could have come across a non computer approach that worked well. I have also just barely gotten my feet wet with Flash, so working with it and trying to understand the different effects, levels, and layers of the "stage" was a great thing to bring back from memory.

Final Kinetic Type Animation from Lance Flores on Vimeo.

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