Friday, October 30, 2009


This means this
The reading begins with describing and explaining the basics of a symbol. (where it comes from. How they work. How they are perceived.) It explains that symbols have meanings, and with those meanings they create relations to other words/actions (lion is related to strength). This reading also talks about messages and how they are transmittable. There are three forms: presentational, representational, and mechanical. It states that two images can look almost identical, but because of a simple change (such as a smile to a frown), a different message can be portrayed. From this, words can also have that same effect. Depending upon the receiver, interpretations of a message can be taken differently. EX: From the statement "I didn't eat Grandmother's cake", the receiver could basically interpret the message differently because it interpreted a single word differently. Instead of grandmothers, it could have been Lance's, instead of a cake, it could have been a pie. This part of the reading I really liked. It's something we all do, but don't necessarily always think about. (text messaging & emails can have that same effect).

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