Friday, October 30, 2009


by Josh Kruszynski

What a simple postcard response, yet still managed to get so much depth within. First, I noticed that this is a line drawing. A form of media that is plain and simple, which is very fitting to a paper plate. Color is also not used within the design(again), and I think it was a good decision and helps describe the bland nature you previously stated. From there, the design begins to dig deeper. The well-known recycle icon describes the reoccurring usage of material, whereas this recycle-like representation alludes to a usage that does not make its way back around. It is showing the "irresponsible consumption". The repetitious, pattern-like effect depicts the usage in terms of muliples rather than continous. (Multiple people take part in this action of "irresponsible consumption")
I would say this is representational transmission because it is drawing/ illustration/ graphic. Also, there was no noise from either one of us I think that distracted from the interpretation intended in the designs. They were pretty straight forward as far as usage between object and background and space.

I like this card.

(side note: my actual file actually has the paper plate centered. For some reason, my specific blogger layout cuts off certain parts of images etc if they are not within the size guidelines....I made the one on my iterations post smaller for your reinterpretation haha)

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