Monday, October 12, 2009

VISLANG: Some good clarification/direction!

I think today's crit with Jamie went great. I finally have some understanding of what to do/which way to go/how to improve/what other avenues to work with. I'm not just throwing darts in the dark anymore! I do have a lot of work still, but I'm ready and excited to work further with these compositions.

Key notes from crit:
-although the christmas tree on the computer was a nice's more of an ad for APPLE.
-good on the angle of the orange photo-it has more interesting angles & some blurriness adding depth
-the computer on the 2nd & 3rd thumb is to static and straight
-my cover needs to be more editorial and less advertisement like

15 ways to show the computer:
-an artistic way, interesting way, ambiguous way
-more editorial
-try some w/ browser on screen
-try some w/ browser not on the screen
-try some w/ different objects laying next to the computer
-shopping list
-gloves/mittens - to further establish the season "place & time"
-family photo
-paper weight
-macro with keys in focus and screen out of focus
-sharp angles with computer
-different light & different shadows - push the dimension
-simplify & create my own
-less detail
-reduce to core basic elements
-more expressive

15 different ways to show copy/say copy
-use real LIFE logo
-less specific copy
-more broad - reaching and applying to more audiences

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