Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sounds like...

TRY1.REAL by lflores

So this first sound, I did some field studies at a bowling alley and captured some raw bowling sounds and put them together in this nice compelation. I still need to replace some of the filler with different cuts, but I think you might get the gist of it. I also thought the food ordering call out was a nice "bowling alley" touch.

TRY2.BREAKIN' by lflores

This clip is a cut from The All-American Rejects song titled "Breakin' ". I really like the way it built up some exciting moment with the music getting louder/closer.

TRY3.ENDOFBEGIN by lflores

This is a clip from David Phelps "End of the Beginning", and once again, I liked the built up anticipation of instrumental work it had. This has a more subtle approach to the smashing of the pins. If you pay attention to the "shimmery" kind of attribute in the background, that is what I had used. It's kind of like "i have finally climbed this mountain" kind of feel to it. I also picked it because I think after the pins smash, the song highlights the pauses of the pins flying through the air.

TRY5VOICEOVER by lflores

My idea behind this one is to narrate some of the pins talking to each other in a comedic way.

TRY5&6.ROLLING&SHAKE by lflores

I only had one upload left, so I compiled these two into one. The first is me running a cocktail shaker against the kitchen counter to get the "ball rolling" sound effect. The second part is a box of candy emulating the shaking pins.

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