Monday, October 5, 2009

VISLANG: Some Pushes

Shopping has become a huge part of the Winter holiday season. The first pair is dealing with my Ethos mode of appeal and using the internet as a credible source for shopping these days. My image making test ideas for this is photography and vector for the left thumbnail, and recreating a vector image for the right thumbnail also. The right thumbnail is the browser window, once again referencing the internet. Also, I have not chosen final copy for any of my posters.

These are also part of my Ethos mode of appeal. It is visually representing "Christmas trees are an All-American product", using the flag as a credible symbol for America. In the left thumbnail above (#3) instead of using stars for the flag, I used Christmas trees.
This is a watercolor attempt for my "All-American product" concept. I am thinking of doing a more rich-color version also in watercolor. The other option I am looking at is vector.
These are part of my Logos mode of appeal. I chose to try pattern in the 1st design, circular Christmas icons in the 2nd thumbnail, ornament balls in the 3rd, and a snowflake in the 4th. I wanted to put an ambiguous form on a "diagram" and use elements and icons the really spoke about the season.
This is one of the ideas for the treatment of the ornament balls.
Each of the ornament balls will be a color relating to the subject, and will contain the information inside of them.
Another approach I am exploring vector style is creating my own patterns for the ornament balls, and having them screened back slightly so the fact will be easier to read.

There's also the above idea. I wanted to try and use actual pattern cutouts and use different textures/layers that apply to each specific fact. With this approach, I think the type will have to go some place else other than on top as I am not sure it will read well.
I wanted to do a collage version also of using clippings and a layered effect to serve as the diagram images.

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