Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The concept behind this design is reading Gertrude Steins poems in a different way...upside down. All of the poems read upside down, but you may choose to read them right side up if you’d like. You can begin at the title or just begin where books normally start. You may also notice the format is upside down as well. (Page numbers on the top, titles on the bottom). I'm still kind of lost as far as using my body copy to direct the eye somewhere else...any suggestions? It's not that expressive, but I think once you begin to read the copy, some things will either clear up...or get more confusing with her expressive use of fragmentation. Now that I have decided upon the upside down concept, for the cover I would like to change routes and depict something we see in everyday life (preferably an object from her poems) to depict upside, giving the book an advantage if it were on a shelf. "Hey, why is this book upside down?" "Why is this upside down?" "That's unnatural!"...ha

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