Sunday, October 18, 2009

MODES: Type Iterations

So here are some type iterations I came up with. I did mix and match some of the type treatments between the imagery. It was interesting for me to see that one type approach looked ok, until I set it up with a different image, and then I thought it worked more successful with that image. (As far as readability and such). On a couple of the covers, I did try and interact the imagery with the LIFE title logo. Below is an example of how they have done them in the past. My approach may be a little too ambiguous; however, my hope is the magazine is so iconic I don't need to show hardly anything...but we'll see. Also, I checked prices online as far as how much the actual magazine is. It was a little difficult to find a consistent price. (I didn't find any prices on surprisingly, but I checked amazon and barnes and noble, then called barnes and noble. The lady I spoke with told me weekly issues are $4.99 and special edition issues are $12.)

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