Tuesday, October 27, 2009


These first couple of spreads are a different way of how to treat the title. I like the amount of space it can take up; however, for one like Manitoga, I think the weight is not heavy enough, but I like the visual impact it has...say on the yellow one.

My spreads for crit on Wed 10.28 are below. I began working with color and incorporating it into the design. Also, you may notice that the text color is different. It is not black, but a dark brown. Back home, most of the time designers default to black as the body text color, so since we get to do color pages...I'm not being shy with it. The half title, full title, and copyright pages are all pretty simple, not a lot going on. The contents displays a little more relation between the inner spreads with the interaction between "contents" and the actual articles being the ones pushed out. I'm a little lost of my bibliography page. I'm not sure how to incorporate that sort of effect on that page to show cohesiveness, so instead I alternated the colors so one source doesn't have more of an importance than the other.

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