Friday, October 16, 2009


I have to say, I really enjoyed how we began class today. Nothing better than starting the day with something to make you laugh. For me, seeing all those examples of how sound can alter how a video is perceived really got my brain moving. Below are some approaches I am thinking of pursuing for sound:
-I would like to create a voice over from the pins perspective. I will probably voice the whole thing and play around with the tone and the speed of the recordings.

"oh, that was fun"
"look at this guy"
"he thinks he can knock us down"
"he's got no chance"
"never doubt"
"here we go"
"Oh Geeze"
"getting closer"
"almost here"
"i hate you"
"aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh (distorted & drawn out)"

-create my own bowling sounds....kind of like a kid i guess...or just for humor
-rollercoaster sounds (tick tick tick tick tick...trickle down...then easing in screams)
-some music clips
-19sec-29sec of David Phelps "End of the beginning"
-1sec of Janet Jackson-pins flying
-0-17sec of The Cinematics - the whole movie - has anticipation
-a history of bowling - a series of saying - poem version - fragments
-recited voice over - deep voice
-NeYo - "closer"

The small group crit went well. It was nice to know that I at least have all the parts needed to create a successful piece.
-large life size title
-green computer angle or white computer angle
-copy - "Digitizing how we do things"
-browser illustration

I do still have to shoot some images one last time, and once I get that perfect's off to type iterations. I also have to do some research on the actual price of a life magazine.

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