Friday, October 9, 2009


The first set are my LOGOS pushes. The idea was to use different patterns as the background for the factual information. The first approach is as if they are hanging ornament balls. The second approach is a little more diagrammatic, and the background image is actually gift wrapping ribbon. The third approach is more along the lines of the circular form, while using scale in size to guide the viewer in the order of the facts I would like them to read first, second, and so forth. This iteration also has a little tag line underneath saying "facts you didn't know about your favorite holiday..." Not sure about that, but just a place holder for now.

Set number two is my ETHOS set. The main idea is using the computer as dependable, credible source when explaining the use of the internet during Christmas shopping. I depicted just one of the facts in two interesting ways. I created a complete 180 version which is the paper cutout. My main thought process behind this was purchases are going from "paper" to I guess "plastic" or online usage of the credit card, so I wanted to use a medium that is kind of ironic. Also, the text explains that "real" trees are purchased online, and in turn...I use a paper cut out instead of an image of a real tree.
The second two iterations are also using the computer as a credible source during the holiday season. I thought about the icon of MAC and how it is recognizable and credible; therefore, I replac
ed that with a Christmas tree bringing those ideas together. I still don't read holiday from either approaches, so I am open to suggestions on how to get that across more successfully.

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