Friday, October 9, 2009


Today was a full class critique, which consisted of everyone pinning up and about 6 minutes of in depth critique for each student.
When we took a closer look at my Logos pushes we have come to the following conclusions: image making test approach is very flat. The patterns are not working well.'s too much like a"Holiday Macy's Ad"
3.Try one specific direction, instead of all these facts. (Since the original focuses on one specific aspect of the holidays)
4.photographs of specific Christmas icons might work well with one specific direciton
5.use type to add some dimension to the magazine cover
6.Magazine covers usually have one specific strong photo/image that draws the reader in to read about the rest
And following are the Ethos conclusions we have come up with:
1.Try an e-card!!! (The paper cut out version reminded some of an e-card...say from hallmark.)
2.The computer is not the direct source. Browser is getting closer, but still not quite. Possibly make my own online identity; therefore, I don't promote a specific browser. Although...the idea of the main google page changing form from time to time was an option suggested...but not sure.
3.The tree on the back of the computer reads as "go green" or the "green movement" in general
4.Big time cropping possibilities. Although I did photograph a couple different crops, I didn't work them out in time for this critique
5.Magazine? Is this still going to be a magazine cover, or can I find some other form of use that better suits this mode of appeal.
6.The internet is the driver
7.The iterations still don't speak or say "Holiday" or "Christmas"...suggestion of more use of red was given.

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