Tuesday, October 27, 2009



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  1. Hey Man, I like the animated GIF, good start...

    At first, I felt like this image was the ultimate visualization of 'generic', which I kinda like because it is the epidome of paper plate. A blank plate, on a blank background. Even using a GIF, with all it's lossy-ness, aligns nicely with the feeling of utter blandness, and a total lack of quality, or remarkability. The only thing that could have driven the point home further was if it was centered.

    However, my secondary sensation was one of unending irresponsible consumption. A continuous loop of a paper product being taken from cradle (clean, new, ready for use) to grave (crumbled up, weakened) over and over and over without any benefit (being used to serve food). Which in some ways, at least in my opinion, is also the epidome of paper plate.

    I liked this card.

    --Josh Kruszynski